What do you mean by self starter?

Answer A self-starter begins projects with a high level of initiative according to Self-starters are energetic people who do not need much direction. They are fast learners who qui... Read More »

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What does self-insured mean?

To self ensure means that a person, company or governing unit has enough money to cover the cost in the event of a loss instead of having to depend upon an insurance policy. For example, a large ma... Read More »

What does ICC or self-insured mean?

ICC stands for Insurance Claims Consult, a not-for-profit company that helps business become self-insured. When a business is self-insured, it strategically puts aside a certain amount of money in ... Read More »

What does self fruitful pollination mean?

A self-fruitful plant can pollinate itself using its own pollen and still grow fruit. A self-unfruitful plant can not set fruit with its own pollen or the fruit yeild is low if it is self pollinate... Read More »

What does it mean when a pea plant is self pollinating?

It means that all the babies it makes will look exactly like the parent and it can make babies without a mate.