What do you mean by predictive dialler software and how it works?

Answer Hi i want to help you in this regard. Predictive dialler means the dialler who collect the numbers and connect to this numbers time to time. There are different types of predictive software. Saf... Read More »

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How to Create a Frequency Table With SPSS Predictive Analytics Software?

You may find it to be a vital skill to be able to create accurate frequency tables, for instance if you are a student studying psychology. Using the SPSS software Predictive Analytics SoftWare make... Read More »

How to Calculate Sensitivity, Specificity, Positive Predictive Value, and Negative Predictive Value?

For any given test administered to a given population, it is important to calculate the sensitivity[1], specificity[2], positive predictive value[3], and negative predictive value[4], in order to d... Read More »

Antivirus 2009 most removal software is expensive, anyone know any FREE software ( that works )?

In your situation, there are a few options.1) Reformat and reinstall your Windows ( leave it as last resort )2) Take out your hard disk and install as secondary drive in another PC that have a good... Read More »

What DVD writing software works with Vista and DVD Shrink?

One utility for DVD writing is a free program titled "ImgBurn." ImgBurn supports nearly every format of CD, DVD and Blu-Ray and is compatible with both Windows Vista and DVD Shrink.References:Tech ... Read More »