Do long distance charges apply if the other person calls you?

Answer no, not at all.... they only apply to the place that the call originates.

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What does demurrage charges mean?

A demurrage charge is applied in transportation industries when a delivery is delayed beyond the time originally allotted for the cargo to be delivered. According to, a demurrage... Read More »

Difference Between Criminal Charges & Domestic Charges?

Although criminal charges and domestic law matters are very different concepts, the underlying facts are sometimes exactly the same.

What paint or other product would one apply to an old gunite pool surface that will resist algae?

My advice would be not to paint unless you absolutely cannot afford it or are selling the house. This is a task you would have to perform every few years if not every year. Almost all paint will ch... Read More »

What certificate's are needed in order to apply for and be giving employment as Mate or other officer on board Tide Water Vessel's?