What do you make of this answer I have just recieved to a Linux related question?

Answer Lug- I think the question just caught her with her mind out of gear on another rant or sumpthin'. Sad. One of the MAIN reasons I returned to Linux was the open source idea, and freedom from DRM, an... Read More »

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Which Linux distro. are you running as you answer this question?

I am using the latest versions of, in order of preference:Linux MintUbuntuFedoraI also keep the latest versions of Knoppix CD and DVD handy.

Can someone answer this train ticket related question......?

Walk up and Advance fares are set by different companies.Taking your example into account:basingstoke to cardiff single fare is set (decided) by South West Trains.basingstoke to swindon would again... Read More »

Is "you should go to a doctor to make sure" a universal answer for every question in this section?

A dead serious question - a good answer could make a difference to my whole life!?

the excitement and tummy churning have probably brought this on! Try vodka to dry out the cold sore eruptions but unless you catch them at the earliest sign of tingling Acyclovir or its derivative... Read More »