What do you like to have 1st in the morning?

Answer sweet loving,lol

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Coffee Tea Hot Chocolate Milk Or other Which do you like to have in the morning?

Coffee so I can wake upHot chocolate at night for a good night sleepmilk in my cereal on weekendsand Tea sunday nights with the familyguten tag, good day or buen dia

What Bushes Like the Morning Sun?

Shrubs that like the morning sun are considered part shade plants. The shrubs grow very well with three to six hours of morning sun and afternoon shade. Shrubs that perform well with eastern sun ex... Read More »

What sort of soup do you like the most in the morning?

Who eats soup for breakfast?"Soup at 6AM? Don't the hobos complain? Soup again?" - Seinfeld

What does morning sickness feel like?

Answer It feels like you are going to puke and you want to eat but you know that you are'nt hungry and that if you eat that you will puke.