What do you like to drink in the winter to warm yourself up?

Answer hot chocolate or hot green tea mmmmm

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Besides Soup & Hot Chocolate what food/drink that you like to have a cold/winter day?

Warm milk,warm green tea ...sometimes I mix yogurt in water,mix it and put it in the refrigerator and drink it icy cold.If I have banana... I blend it in the blender.Mix it in milk and put in the r... Read More »

What do you wear on your feet to keep them warm in winter?

I wear socks as thick as woolTo keep my feet from getting coolAnd then upon these sock clad feetI pull a pair of boots that meetthe snow head on and keep me dryWith heels at least 3 inches high!

What are some really warm, comfy, durable brands/ items of clothing for winter?

UGG boots are extremely warm you should defiantly get those and a north face jacket those are the best for winter wear and there super warm!

What happens when i drink warm soda?

Your taste buds will revolt from the gruesome acidity of the soda and your tongue will learn to betray you. It might not taste foods properly for years to come. This is before the moon falls to the... Read More »