What do you like to do after a workout at the gym?

Answer Stretch .. Go to the Soana ...Get Protein Shake too..Go home knockout..

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Do you like the "knock out" effect that you get after doing a hard workout?

yeah it sounds real good to me!real good.. but make sure u do not get dehydrated.. u need to drink alot.......

What is healthy to eat after a workout?

Eating a snack after a workout is important to repair muscle tissue and replenish glycogen. You don't need to eat a big meal but refueling the body correctly is the best way to gain the benefits of... Read More »

What is a healthy breakfast after gym workout to gain weight?

Actually, you should be eating before you hit the gym irregardless of what time you are going. This is because if you train on an empty stomach, chances are you will simply set yourself even furthe... Read More »

What is best to drink after workout hot or cold water?

it depends if you try to lose calories its hot water but if your trying to cool yourself down you use cold water