What do you like to carry in your hip flask?

Answer anything but whiskey is not right! it was invented for whiskey.

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Which backpack should you use to carry around your iPhone and iPhone that will let you carry your school stuff around?

It was seriously driving me crazy, but I finally realized it's Andrew J. West. He was on Greek for a season, and has been in a lot of other shows!

How do you improvise when you're stuck at work and the flask in which you keep your "coffee creamer" is empty?

roflI would share but I am fresh out as well. Just had a meeting about risk assessment and drank A LOT of "cream" during.

What are plants without tube-like structures to carry water called?

Plants that do not have tube-like structures to carry water are called nonvascular plants. Nonvascular plants typically grow only 1 to 2 cm tall. Examples of nonvascular plants include mosses and l... Read More »

What to use a a flask? several pages in the book before you put the flask hole in it