What do you like on your chips ?

Answer ketchup

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What sauce or sauces do you like on your chips?

Ketchup and Mayo is delicious or Curry sauce...

Do you like salt and vinegar on your chips ?

When you do have a treat like chips, cookies, or ice cream, how BIG is your portion?

As rarely as possible. once a week if you tell yourself that you dont like them anymore. You can talk yourself out of it for good

Cheese Dip Sour Cream Dip Or Salsa Dip Which do you like better with your Chips?

Well it depends on the chips:~For Tortillas I love Salsa and Queso. ~But for like Ruffles or similar I prefer a nice French Onion dip. ~Fritos it's Bean dip all the way. YUM!~Nacho Cheese Dorito... Read More »