What do you like on your burgers?

Answer Onions and peppers sauteed in olive oil, a bit of garlic, cheese, tomato, a few slices of bacon. I guess that's about it!

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Guys how do you like like your burgers and steaks cooked?

Medium rare steak. Medium burger.Anything more and the meat is overcooked, dry and tough to chew.

I don't like beans but will I like Black Bean Burgers?

If the spices are right, it can be delicious.

Anybody ever been to fatburger what are there burgers like?

I used to live in LA and besides In and Out it was my favorite. Big, Juicy burgers with all you want on them. And the chili cheese fries are fantastic!

Do you like the vegan boca burgers?

Nope. I do not like them.Trader Joe's masala burgers are ok. They seem more like potato patties :).Amy's is of course the natural recommendation, I do not have a lot of experience with them thoug... Read More »