What do you like most about your p.c.?

Answer Hi Bob That it opened my WHOLE World up ! See , on the computer , I am not DEAF . lol I can IM , do everything & communicate just as well as a hearing person . D :)

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What do you like most about yourself?

That I'm actually able to have fun, and ignore these kinds of stupid questions.

What do you like most about the Fall weather?

Cooler temperatures, the trees turning colors...It just feels better than the hot summer to me.Oh yeah... Crockpot full of soup or stew simmering all day and hot biscuits (American) from the oven.... Read More »

What do you like most about Michael Jackson?

i love whole michael jackson.i love his shinning,innocent,true,beautiful,loving,… eyes and the most beautiful,capturing heart,attractive smile.i love his iconic moves,dance.i love his each and ev... Read More »

What do girls like most about guys =O?

hair, eyes, lips, body, smile/teeth, PERSONALITY!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha