Is the Trojan War fact or fiction?

Answer Archaeologists believe that the city of Troy was often a target for outside armies. All or some of these conflicts may have been the basis for the Trojan war story, although it's unclear whether or... Read More »

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Was"The Crucible"fact or fiction?

Arthur Miller said of his work, "The Crucible": "This play is not history in the sense in which the word is used by the academic historian. Dramatic purposes have sometimes required many characters... Read More »

Fact or Fiction Science Projects?

Whenever conducting a science experiment, it's best to find a subject that arouses your curiosity or interest so as to keep things lively and entertaining. It's also necessary to have a testable q... Read More »

Is Robin Hood fact or fiction?

There is some evidence that the Robin Hood legends were based on a real man, Robin Hod, who had his possessions seized by the Sheriff of York--later Sheriff of Nottingham--in 1226. The sheriff late... Read More »

Are detoxing foot pads fact or fiction?

On One Hand: Alternative MedicineDetoxing foot pads are considered part of what's known as "alternative medicine." In the past, alternative medicine was viewed with skepticism by the scientific co... Read More »