What do you know about Codex Alimentarius and Monsanto?

Answer They are the reason I went to great lengths to grow my own foods as much as possible! Monsanto has literally taken over the food industry by forcing farmers to use their GMO (genetically modified)... Read More »

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Is this still a Monsanto office 350 N SAINT PAUL ST, DALLAS, TX,?

Monsanto is posting its first ever corporate loss. What are YOU doing to celebrate?

Lots of booze and dancing girls...all squirrels are welcome.Round Up is the devil.

What do you know or think of CODEX?

I think Alex Jones and his ilk are trying to make a quick buck feeding people conspiracy theories. Of course the pesticides and fertilizers degrade the nutritional value of fresh fruits and veggies... Read More »

What information was in the Codex?

According to the Codex Sinaiticus Project website, the Codex is an early version of the Christian Bible, containing information such as the earliest version of the New Testament. The Codex was hand... Read More »