What do you keep on your desk at work?

Answer Monitor, speakers, USB hub, phone, desk-lamp, flatbed/sheet feed scanner, PDA cradle, Keyb and mouse, 1 of the 3 Ext HDDS, VCR and 7" TFT for video editing work, Card reader, 1 of the 2 printers, 4... Read More »

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How to Clean Your Work Desk?

Feel like you can't work because of your papers, notes, and books getting in the way? This article will help you get organised!

Any tricks for staying awake at work when you're about to drop off at your desk?

The problem is you aren't supplying your body with the energy it needs, when it needs it. While exercise is always important, most people who feel this way during the middle of the day feel that w... Read More »

Imagine your sitting at your desk at work, and the person opposite you is a vegetarian....?

i'm a vegetarian, but i think people have the right to eat what they want. if someone were complaining about the smell of my lunch (garlicky, you know, some sort of offensive smell) i would proba... Read More »

Where can I buy the hutch for the Whalen Furniture Regency Return Desk The desk is available at Sams Clubs.?