What do you have to go to get a court order for marriage in Texas if your under 18?

Answer No court will entartain you , as you are a minor and under age of marriage.

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Can your father get a court order making you visit him if you are 15 and live with your mom and haven't seen your father in 5 months and he is threatening to get a court order if you don't visit?

Answer yes he can, provided they have filed a settlement agreement with the court in the county in which you live which gives your father rights of visitation or parenting time. If your mom does n... Read More »

How do you get court marriage without any documents?

A family reunion cookbook is a great idea and you could phone family members and get their favorite recipes as well as asking some of your friends for their favorite recipe's. Then type out all the... Read More »

How to Acquire a Court Waiver for a Marriage License?

All states have laws governing who can get married and at what age. Some states allow underage individuals to obtain a court waiver for a marriage license. These waivers can be granted if a court d... Read More »

How to Order a Marriage Certificate?

The process for ordering a marriage certificate varies by country, and in America it varies by state as well. A marriage certificate is issued by a governing body to its citizens, which permits the... Read More »