What do you have to drink?

Answer Orange JuiceCoffeeDiet Dr PepperJuiceMilk..Chocolate syrup tooMt. DewWaterI have those in my fridge right whatever you can drink

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I have a FLU and I throw up everything I eat or drink.. what can I eat or drink?

Things that have worked for me in the past: goldfish crackers & Coca Cola consumed very slowly. Then if you can keep that down for a while, potato soup helps.

I'm Thirsty, What do you have to Drink?

What should drink if I have the stomach flu?

What should I have to drink tonight?

Try a bottle of Gallo White Grenache - looks like a Rose wine and is a lovely light drink. The only wine I have ever had where I can pinpoint an individual flavour - it tastes of Strawberries and ... Read More »