What do you have to do to overclock a computer processor?

Answer On One Hand: Increase the Front Side BusThe CPU speed is determined by multiplying the front side bus (FSB) by the CPU internal multiplier, so one way to overclock is by increasing the FSB speed. I... Read More »

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How to Overclock a P4 Processor?

The Pentium 4, or "P4," was the successor to the Pentium 3 processor from Intel. Technically it was the superior CPU, but in most real -world scenarios it performed roughly equivalent to a similar ... Read More »

How to Overclock an AMD K6 Processor?

AMD K6 processors are older models of processors installed in desktop computers. Processors work through data calculations and perform tasks that help the PC operate. The speed of the AMD K6 proces... Read More »

How to Overclock a G4 Processor?

Apple computers are famous for their sleek design, simple user interface and lack of upgradability. Most Apple computers are even difficult to push beyond their factory settings with techniques suc... Read More »

How to Overclock a Pentium D Processor 820?

The Intel Pentium D 820 processor from Intel is a 2.80GHz processor that was the precursor to the Core 2 Duo line of processors. Being an older processor, many programs cannot run on the Pentium D ... Read More »