What do you have to do to get noticed on tumblr?

Answer…that group helps. drop your url a couple times there and you'll get a lot of followers fast.also be a quality blog and post daily. and follow people back.

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I am 32 and have noticed that i have a moustache, what is the best product to get rid of it.?

Gosh, so many choices. I have tried some of the ones already mentioned but you know what? Each one has it's own drawbacks especially waxing and bleaching because they are chemicals and can affect ... Read More »

What interesting filming techniques have you noticed in The Twilight Zone?

I loved the usage of expressionism (from German expressionist cinema) in 'The Obsolete Man'. The director used long shadows to a wonderful effect. There's deliberate exaggeration, which really make... Read More »

Since I have been using my LCD monitor, I have noticed?

your eyes are getting tiredadjust brightnesschange the frequency of screen (

What if your Parents are nudist and have raised you as one. However recently you have noticed that your father tends to get erections when you are around you are only 14 and cant move away yet.?

Tell a relative how this is having an effect on you and ask them to talk to your parents about it. You should not have to witness stuff like this if you don't want to. Your parents should not push ... Read More »