What do you guys think of online dating?

Answer Well, the internet is nothing more than access to another way of communication and getting to know people. However, it is also what is associated with the internet that people might be acting that... Read More »

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Anyone think that Online dating is stupid?

I know a lot of people who have used it successfully, but you need to be CAREFUL!!

Do you guys think my company have a chance to know what I'm doing online even if I use Hotspot Shield?

HS is all about putting spyware on your computer and tracking everything you do to feed their parent company that is in the data collection and advertising business. They boast they can geo target ... Read More »

How to Get More Contacts when Dating Online on a Millionaire Dating Site?

When I deal with feedbacks. I received some complaints about few of contacts. To get more contacts, you need to know some of secrets of online dating sites.

What is a bot in online dating?

A bot--short for spambot--in online dating is a piece of software that is capable of talking to other computer users via the Internet. Most bots use text but some sophisticated programs can speak.F... Read More »