What do you guys think of Fred?

Answer OMG!! I love Fred!! He's soooooooo funny and very entertaining!! He's awesum!!! =]

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What do you all think of YouTube sensation Fred!?

i LOVE Fred he is sooooooo funnyLucas Cruikshank is sooooo hot

Y0!! WHAt D0 y0U GUyS tHiNK?

...oof! The brown and blue is definitely more cute, in my opinion. The second reminds me of a dress you'd see on Samantha in Sex and the City. She's a cougar, don't get me wrong, but for a young... Read More »

What do you think guys?

What do u guys think of vista?

Can you actually go back to XP?I'd LOVE to do that(and get rid of IE7 also, go back to 6 )Vista is slow,and becaue it's full of little tiny capitalism cops monitoring every little thing you do, and... Read More »