What do you guys think about this story about vitamins in Yahoo News?

Answer The possible risks associated with vitamins and lack of benefits has been reported for some time now. Basically, providing one is eating a balanced diet, added vitamin supplements on top of this ar... Read More »

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Guys what you think about this picture ;)?

i think you need to get out more....i get it. but i still think its dumb.

What do you think about my yahoo avtar?

hiu look quite studious in those spectacles but, ur red dress nd those spectacles at the same time r making u look sexy.

I havent had sex in about one year and i no longer even think about sex, is this normal?

Most definitely. Your hormones are starting to taper and you'll go through a phase where sex just isn't that interesting.Don't worry though, once you hit about 32 or 33 your hormones will surge and... Read More »

So what do you guys think about Facebook?