What do you guys think about makeup When is a girl wearing too much?

Answer Guys are confusing. But I've noticed they don't like girls wearing too much. I've overheard so many guys complaining about girls wearing so much and how they think they'll look better without it. S... Read More »

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Why don't guys like girls wearing makeup?

All the guys that liked me didn't care.. but I always wear it. I think only asians/islanders and blacks and other non white nationalities look good without it and don't need it. But I love it on gi... Read More »

Don't you hate when guys come on here and criticize us for wearing makeup?

Ugh. i know exactly what you mean, there like " no make-up is better" but really, all celbrities wear LOADS of it, and they think there soooooo hot. i wear a little make-up to for myself, not them ... Read More »

Teen guys: Your opinion on girls wearing makeup?

when worn continuously its a major turnoffor when worn in excess --> large amounts of foundation, mascara, eye shadow etc...(like the whole face is coated, and you don't even know what they look li... Read More »

Guys only please. Do u prefer a girl who wears makeup or no makeup?

No make up and if they have to use it very very little