What do you get when you mix black with yellow?

Answer When you mix black with yellow, you don't get an entirely different color, as with other color mixtures. Instead, adding black will create different, darker shades of yellow. If you continue to add... Read More »

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What kind of snake is black with yellow rings?

The eastern kingsnake (Lampropeltis getula), commonly found in the United States of America and Mexico, is black with yellow rings. The snake is completely harmless. It is considered lucky to find... Read More »

What type of snake is black with yellow stripes?

Identifying a snake is based heavily on the geographical location of its native habitat. Black snakes with yellow stripes that live in North America include the eastern garter snake and western rib... Read More »

What kind of snake is black with a yellow stomach?

A black snake with a yellow belly could be a ringneck snake, which is found throughout North America, or it may also be a yellow-bellied water snake that has a range from central Georgia to eastern... Read More »

What state has yellow license plate with black letters?

Not sure any State does anymore. I don't think New York has them anymore, could be wrong.