What do you get if a child is not in a car seat?

Answer It depends on where you live and whether you are involved in a car accident, moving violation that pertains to unsafe conditions or "just a child safety seat violation". If you get a safety seat vi... Read More »

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Who is at fault when you are putting your child inside the car in child seat in the rear seat and other car hits you backing off while are half out and half in?

In Idaho, you have to be above 4 foot 8 inches, or over 90 lbs.

What age can a child ride in a booster seat in the front seat in kansas?

How old and what size does a child have to be to no longer need a car seat or booster seat?

Have you seen those Disney commercials? They advertise that it's 48 inches (or 49, I can't remember) of height. Until they reach that height they need a car seat or booster seat as appropriate. I b... Read More »

What age child can ride in car seat in front seat in Missouri?