What do you find sexy in a woman?

Answer ability to look good, cook, clean & stuff like that that a man looks for in awife, good w/ kids, stay in shape, but not making it public, & also ablilty to avoid horny guys :) you shuld konw what i... Read More »

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How to become a Sexy woman?

We all want to feel and look sexy. It is true beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there are beautiful looking women but are they all sexy? The answer is no. Sexiness and sex appeal are very di... Read More »

Are muscle on a woman sexy?

It depends. If she looks like a bodybuilder than no but if she is toned with some definition than yeah I like that look. I'm trying to gain some muscle. I almost have a 6 pack and I want my arms to... Read More »

I agreed to let my gf make me up as a sexy woman?

Just go to your local mall & go to a dress store, a shoe store, a lingerie store & don't forget to get yourself a wig, make-up & jewelry too. Here's a nice little outfit that should work, so here's... Read More »

How to Make a Woman Feel Sexy?

From teenage boys, to full grown men, these tips will help you capture that woman's heart, or treat that significant other...