Odd sci-fi cartoon Girl in space suit is conversing with Leprechaun-like man on two way visigraph Girl is very attractive almost like Gina Lollobrigida its a cartoon Help?

Answer Looking over cartoon stills it seems probable the Girl is Crystal from the (space Angel) who was the navigator/radio operator of the UN operated Douglas Starduster, I cannot access the Leprechaun c... Read More »

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Which girl is more attractive?

Both are pretty. I like the girl on the rights eyebrows & I like the girl on the lefts long eyelashes.

Which girl is more attractive and why?

both of them are GORGEOUS! and since they are both like beautiful im just gonna base the pictures they took off lighting and makeup i think the girl on the left is 'prettier' i like the lighting an... Read More »

Which girl is more attractive!?

You're both gorgeous lol , the one on the left looks a bit indian or something, and the one on the right looks kinda asian haha

If a girl is 5'7, how much should she weigh to be attractive?

depends on the girl.weight has nothing to do with attractiveness