What do you find annoying about Wikipedia?

Answer There's no spell checker for your search. So, if you can't spell what you're trying to look up, you have to go somewhere else first to discover the spelling. (I usually use Yahoo since they spell... Read More »

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Do you find "lol" annoying....?

I do think it is annoying. Specially if someone does not stop typing it when you are talking to someone using chat.

Does anyone else find this annoying?

yeah well its a bastard, deal with it as we all have to

Does anyone find Mac owners annoying?

I realy hate macs for one reason, the bloody adverts, with these silly childish songs and the patronising voice in the background and the white backgrounds like in a hospital! I hate them, but I th... Read More »

Does anyone find rap music annoying?

TOTALLY ANNOYING, i lsiten to anything but hiphop and rap,, they all sound the same, no style, i dont know what's so artistic about rapping,, very anoying, and causes headache:-)