What do you fertilize apple and pear trees with?

Answer You want to Fertilize them in the Springyou will want to get a Fertilizer that is specific for fruit treesyou would want to get a fertilizer that is 0-10-10 or 15-30-15

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How often should you fertilize apple trees?

Fertilize apple trees every spring. They require only nitrogen fertilizer, as long as soil pH is 7.8 or higher. For mature fruiting apple trees, spread 1 pound of 21 percent nitrogen additive aroun... Read More »

How do I fertilize palm trees with a ring of fertilizer?

FertilizerChoose a fertilizer with 8-4-12 ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The amounts are located on the label of the bag. The fertilizer should contain no more than 4 percent of magne... Read More »

Pear Trees With Hard Woody Fruit?

For pear pickers or shoppers who want a hardy, crunchy, woody textured pear instead of a soft buttery one, look at the pear's skin. Usually a pear with grainier skin introduces the woodier flesh wi... Read More »

Can comice pear trees be started with seeds or grafts?

You can start a comice pear tree by grafting. You can also start one by planting a seed, but that will likely result in the growth of a different species tree of lower quality.Source:Fruit Expert: ... Read More »