What do you feel like when you are unable to be on the internet as much as usual?

Answer Early in the morning,already others insinuating to get me mad,to be or not to be without a life is sad.I really do not listen to others,i don't care,Today i will be alive breathing fresh air.My GOD... Read More »

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Is it possible to feel groggy after getting even more sleep than usual?

People have a tendency to develop what is called a circadian rhythm. A circadian rhythm develops when a person maintains a consistent sleep pattern. People typically sleep the amount of time they... Read More »

I Am Unable to Connect to the Internet Server?

An Internet connection allows you to check your e-mail, find information, watch videos and learn just about anything, all online. If you cannot connect to your Internet server, there are several th... Read More »

ASUS Zenbook unable to connect to the Internet?

What is it you are doing to try to connect and what are the results you are getting?Have you turned on the wireless capability on the laptop?Are your drivers up to date? (I would think they should ... Read More »

Why Am I Unable to Change the Internet Explorer Home Page?

The Internet Explorer home page is the website that is displayed upon launching the browser. If you are unable to change the Internet Explorer home page, it could be a sign of a virus infection, re... Read More »