What do you feel like after youve choked on food?

Answer You would feel rather exhausted through all of the coughing that you would do trying to expel the food...............

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Why do I feel like I'm being choked?

I'm not a doctor and you should get this checked if it becomes bothersome. But my mother felt this way as well and went to doc and she had a thyroid problem. She also had other symptoms as well suc... Read More »

I feel starved after taking one or two shots of alcohol, & I eat a lot of food, what can I do to prevent it?

I get that way sometimes.I hear that people who do weed get the munchies, and I always think about that when I get the munchies after heavy alcohol consumption.One night I had four Millers and like... Read More »

What would i feel like after snorting coke?

Coke makes me feel hyper and euphoric. I feel on top of the world and that everything is good. I get extremely talkative and everybody is a friend. I would love to snort a line and go talk to someb... Read More »

Colonoscopy: What does it feel like after the exam is done?

It feels like some guy used the back door.