What Kind of Habitats Do Rose Hair Tarantulas Like?

Answer Chilean rose hair tarantulas (Grammostola rosea) have mild temperaments and fairly simple needs, and are not particularly toxic. However, there is no such thing as a “low-maintenance” pet and, ... Read More »

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Can you buy DVD-R that are bigger than 4.78 GB?

The standard DVD is a single-layered disc with 4.7GB of storage space. You can purchase a dual-layered, single-side DVD that has 8.5GB of storage space. Dual-layered DVDs are supported by most DVD ... Read More »

Are there any 3D LED TVs that are bigger than 60?

There are a lot of models over 60". Samsung, Sony and LG are three of several manufacturers.

Do you have one breast that is bigger than the other?

I'm really not sure. Usually if you are right handed, your right breast is slightly larger. I need someone to come and check that for me!

Is it weird that one of my pupils is bigger than the other?

it might be worth seeing an eye doctor just to make sure. it means that the muscles in one of your eyes isn't restricting the pupil the way it should be.