What do you feed painted turtles?

Answer Painted turtles require a diverse diet in the wild. Mimicking this diet for your captive turtle is not only vital to its health, it is easy. Your turtle's diet should consist of 65 to 85 percent pr... Read More »

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What do wild painted turtles eat?

Painted turtles are semi-aquatic turtles commonly found in lakes, streams and marshes with muddy bottoms. Painted turtles are omnivorous (they eat plants and meat) and eat a variety of foods in th... Read More »

When do painted turtles lay their eggs?

The Western painted turtle, which is found in British Columbia, Canada, lays one clutch of eggs in late June or July every second year. The typical clutch size is six to 18 eggs. The species is end... Read More »

What do baby painted turtles eat?

Many people who adopt baby painted turtles have no idea how to feed them a balanced diet. Hatchling painted turtles require a variety of foods to grow healthy and strong.FishOffer your baby painte... Read More »

What Plants Do Painted Turtles Eat?

The painted turtle (Chrysemys picta) is easily identified by the bright red and yellow colors that cover its head, neck and limbs that protrude from the shell. Painted turtles are common residents ... Read More »