What do you feed baby turtle doves?

Answer Turtle doves feed primarily on seeds. A baby turtle dove's diet is similar to that of adults, but more care must be given when feeding a baby turtle dove. Doves do not store food, so a constant sup... Read More »

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How to Hand-Feed Turtle Doves?

Turtle doves are docile birds with an appearance similar to pigeons, though they have a longer neck and smaller head. These birds live and travel in flocks, often choosing a lifelong mate. Turtle d... Read More »

How to Feed a Baby Turtle?

Do you have a baby water turtle? When turtles are babies that is the most important time for them to get the vitamins they need to grow. Calcium is also needed to strengthen their shell. These make... Read More »

How to Feed a Baby False Map Turtle?

The false map turtle--scientifically known as Graptemys pseudogeographica, also called the Mississippi map turtle and the sawback turtle--features a grayish-green shell with low, knobby spines or s... Read More »

What do you feed a baby snapping turtle?

Snapping turtles are high-maintenance, difficult pets to keep, both because of their diets and the size (up to 18-inches in diameter) to which they can grow. They also can have an aggressive demean... Read More »