What do you feed an exclusively breastfed baby after he is weaned?

Answer Normal table foods that you would eat and whole milk either in a cup or bottle. If the child is older than one you might want to consider skipping the bottle altogether and giving him a sippy cup t... Read More »

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What is the highest number of babies exclusively breastfed from a single birth?

Traditionally, a baby shower is only meant for the first baby. However, we are seeing more people have showers for subsequent babies, especially if they did not have a shower for the first baby, th... Read More »

Did you feel guilty when you weaned your baby?

Maybe you would feel better if you just told yourself, "I weaned him to a bottle because that's what I felt was best" instead of "He's really doing most of it himself." He certainly did not go to t... Read More »

Can you overfeed a breastfed baby?

On One Hand: Babies Know When They Are Full.According to Jo-Anne Lawless, a lactation consultant writing for StorkNet, a nursing mother cannot over feed her breastfed baby. A baby will stop nursing... Read More »

If a child does not get breastfed while it was a baby would the baby die?

No, not if it is receiving proper nutrition from formula. There are definite health benefits from breastfeeding, such as that it builds the baby's immune system up, but it is not an absolute requir... Read More »