What do you feed a pet turtle?

Answer Turtles make fun, easy-to-care for pets. When kept in the proper habitat and fed a balanced diet, turtles thrive in captivity. Research your species of turtle's diet in the wild, and try to recre... Read More »

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What do you feed a snapping turtle?

Snapping turtles will eat anything including all the other inhabitants of your outdoor pond, such as ducks and fish. Omnivorous eaters, snapping turtles have a voracious appetite. A wild snapper wi... Read More »

What do you feed baby turtle doves?

Turtle doves feed primarily on seeds. A baby turtle dove's diet is similar to that of adults, but more care must be given when feeding a baby turtle dove. Doves do not store food, so a constant sup... Read More »

What do you feed a baby snapping turtle?

Snapping turtles are high-maintenance, difficult pets to keep, both because of their diets and the size (up to 18-inches in diameter) to which they can grow. They also can have an aggressive demean... Read More »

How to Feed an Adult Box Turtle?

Do you have a wild box turtle? If it is a baby pay no attention to this article because it is will only help if you have an adult. Don't take that as a put-down because I only know about adult box ... Read More »