What do you feed a malnourished child?

Answer umm....ANYTHING!!!!!

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What do you feed a malnourished dog?

Dogs may survive for only a few days without food. A starving dog will utilize glucose reserves to prevent a complete shutdown of systems within its body. Once the glucose reserves are tapped, the ... Read More »

How can you tell if a child is malnourished?

If a child is malnourished, they will:be really skinny and ribbylook palehave limp, dull hairlook and feel tired a lothave chapped lipsin extreme cases, have blue fingernails

Action taken to a malnourished child?

We'll I had a scoliosis of the spine (a curve in my spine) which caused my spine to look like an S other people's may look like a C but back to the point in scoliosis patient the ribs rotate around... Read More »

How to Feed Your Child Enough Vitamin A?

Vitamin A is essential to a child's healthy growth. It is one of the leading contributors to good eye sight, healthy skin and hair. Feed your children enough vitamin A to ensure they have enough to... Read More »