What do you feed a dog with advanced kidney failure?

Answer Kidney failure, or renal failure, is a common health problem in dogs, particularly older dogs and dogs with other medical conditions. It is important to start a dog with kidney failure on a special... Read More »

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Advanced Kidney Disease in Cats?

Advanced kidney disease can leave cats dehydrated and lethargic, causing many pet owners to worry. This disease leads to kidney failure, also known as chronic renal failure, and education about adv... Read More »

How does a cat get kidney failure?

According to, kidney (renal) failure is a common condition in older cats. When treating renal failure, it is important to find out the cause of the condition.SignificanceThe mos... Read More »

Could this be kidney failure?

Don't really know where your dad got this from but I am not saying he is misinformed but I had symptoms but I have kidney failure in one kidney but what you say it sounds like a gallbladder or more... Read More »

Feeding a Cat With Kidney Failure?

The primary purpose for a kidney is to help remove waste and regulate electrolytes. When a cat's kidney struggles to function properly, the waste that a kidney is supposed to filter inadvertently p... Read More »