What do you feed a brand-new baby bird?

Answer Whenever possible, wild birds should be left in the wild. Feeding a baby bird is time-consuming and best left to experts. Wild baby birds should be brought to a wild animal rescue as soon as possib... Read More »

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How to Feed a Baby Bird?

So, you happened to find a lost baby bird and it's mother or nest is nowhere to be found. You don't want to leave it stranded to die so you want to learn how to properly feed it? Read on.

What do you feed an abandoned baby bird?

You come across an abandoned baby bird and need to know what to do to keep it alive. Feeding it properly is integral to helping the baby bird thrive so that it may be returned to the wild healthy a... Read More »

How Can You Feed a Newborn Baby Bird?

In general, a mother bird will feed her baby bird successfully and there should be no reason for you to intervene. However, if the baby bird is abandoned or you are breeding birds, you may have to ... Read More »

What kind of food do I feed a wild baby bird?

If you find a baby bird on the ground, look for a nearby nest, and put it in the nest if possible. Baby birds may be learning to fly or have a parent nearby, so ensure that the infant bird needs to... Read More »