What do you feed a baby who has peanut and wheat allergies?

Answer Answer Moringa is used in Africa for malnourished babies and nursing mothers. Moringa helps increase the amount of breast milk. Moringa has no known allergies.

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How to Live With Allergies to Wheat?

Wheat allergies are a common problem with people whose bodies cannot process the proteins in gluten. About 1 percent of the population has Celiac disease, a genetic condition that causes the lining... Read More »

Why do so many kids seem to have peanut allergies now?

One theory is that bioengineered peanuts yield oils and secretions that are more likely to cause allergies."Bioengineering" is the process of taking seeds from the plants that bear the most fruit t... Read More »

How to Recognize Peanut Allergies?

People who are allergic to peanuts usually experience allergy symptoms as soon as they touch or eat peanuts. The severity of the peanut allergy can vary from person to person, and although some sym... Read More »

How do you recognize and treat wheat gluten and grain allergies?

%REPLIES% Answer Allergies to grain products can be hard to pin down. Grain products are ubiquitous. Most allergic reactions are quite mild, but some can be quite severe. Usually the symptoms are ... Read More »