This fear is taking over my life?

Answer First of all, this is not a first aid question. And it sounds like a panic attack. Most likely brought on by the fact that you're not familiar with ambulance service or health care in general. Ther... Read More »

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Do you fear anything in your "on-line" life?

Aww Bunches, didn't realise you was such a sensitive soul..!I think the same as Wackyone, if one of my fave contacts (and you is one of 'em boyo!) was to remove me from their list and block me I'd ... Read More »

I fear for my life possible cancer help please read it all its a little long?

Cancer is different in different people. Symtoms vary from person to person. Even with MRI's, it can be cancer. Just the way it is. My friend had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma at the age of 17. She had no ... Read More »

Does a father still have parental rights if you do not put his name on the birth certificate because you fear for your life and that of the child's?

Answer The law does not require an unwed mother to name the father on the birth certificate. A man who is not married to the mother and wants to acquire parental rights to a child must first estab... Read More »

Childbirth - fear causes pain, fear can be overcome?

Oooh I read about this when I was pregnant, found it really interesting. I've not had time to read through everyone else's answers, so apologies if I'm repeating anyone. I read a book on hypnobirt... Read More »