What do you do with the points in game center on iPod touch?

Answer Nothing it's just used to track your achievement ranking.

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How do you change your profile on Game Center on iPod Touch?

Go to the GameCenter app, go to the "Me" tab, click on "Account: (your email address)" and sign out. Then sign back in using your Apple ID.

Can you jailbreak ipod touch from ipod touch 10 points best answer :)?

You cannot jailbreak your iPod Touch directly from the device itself unless you are running a firmware that is supported by one of the three JailbreakMes, which you cannot since the last revision o... Read More »

IPod Touch Question Please Help!! 10 Points?

It all depends on what you will be using it for...If all you want to do is listen to music and watch movies - 8GB for $230 is a RIPOFF!!!If you want to play around with some apps - and don't have a... Read More »

Why does my iPod Touch Die Quickly EASY 10 POINTS!!?

Turn off wifi when not in use, and turn brightness way down. ( in settings)