What do you do with the leftover rice from Chinese Food?

Answer fry some veggies and put them in your rice

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Is Chinese food from the restaurant such as beef and broc or chicken and broc with white rice healthy?

Most Chinese food cooked for Americans is high in oils--not a great idea when you feel fine, and a bad idea if you're not feeling well anywhere in your digestive tract. You can, of course, ask that... Read More »

How to Make a Rice Paratha from Leftover Rice?

There you are again. You have cooked too much rice and do not know what to do with it. But wait-there is a way to use it in a proper way!

What to do with leftover rice?

Here are some recipes from leftover rice.…

Do you like Chinese food I used to buy my Chinese food from this place in manhattan.?

To many people never come in to claim their orders and that's one way to eliminate wasted food. It's not odd but good sense. Not really just some odd people working at my favorite restaurant.