What do you do with diamond rings when you get divorced?

Answer On One Hand: Keep the RingHow you feel about the marriage and your ex-spouse can play a large role in what happens to a diamond wedding ring after a divorce. Mia Walker of the San Francisco Chronic... Read More »

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What is the highest flawless diamond for engagement rings?

Truly flawless diamonds are extremely rare. Although the Gemological Institute of America recognizes a "flawless" grade for clarity, the next grade down, "internally flawless," also represents a d... Read More »

How much are pink diamond engagement rings?

Pink diamond engagement rings cost $300 and up. The size, shape and clarity of the diamond affect the cost. Loose diamonds can start at $325. The more diamonds in the ring, the more expensive it is... Read More »

Can a department store repossess diamond rings?

If you purchased the diamond ring with a credit card issued by the store where you purchased it, the ring is likely considered "unsecured debt," and the store cannot repossess the ring. If you made... Read More »

Where does costco get their diamond rings?

Diamond rings sold at Costco are solely obtained through the legal avenues as established in the Kimberley Process of the United Nations. This legislation ensures that legitimate diamonds are obtai... Read More »