What do you do with credits on tap tap revenge 4?

Answer With credits on TTP4 you can download other songs that would normally cost money

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What are credits on tap tap revenge 4 for?

Credits are used for your outfits and etc. They're also available in Tap Tap 3. Applications such as Tap Zoo, Tap Resort Party, and Zombie Farm are offered. Once they are downloaded, you earn credi... Read More »

How to Purchase a Song on "Tap Tap Revenge" Using Credits?

Tap Tap Revenge is a video game made for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches. The game is like Dance Dance Revolution, or Guitar Hero, in that you must hit certain notes on the screen in a rhythmic pat... Read More »

How to Convert Trimester Credits to Semester Credits in High School?

Different schools have different academic calenders, so it can be difficult to know where you stand if you move from a school that used trimester credits to semester credits. Making the adjustment ... Read More »

I only owe for 6 credits and have 24 that I paid for, can I get official transcript for the credits paid for?

Nope - your transcript has to include all of the credits you have taken. It is the school's right to say "no" if you still owe a balance.