What do you do when your teeth start to shift from loosing your retainer?

Answer Order a new one, my GF lost hers and didn't care. Well she now has braces for the Second time

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What are the chances of loosing feeling from getting your impacted wisdom teeth removed?

A significant percentage does experience varying degrees of permanent numbness. A friend of mine-- a classical flautist in the best music program in the country-- lost feeling in her lower lip when... Read More »

Can a retainer make your teeth move?

Yes, a retainer can make your teeth move. You need to go into your Orthodontist ASAP so that he can adjust it to avoid any damage.

When do you start losing your teeth?

Permanent teeth will hang on as long you care for them properly.

Is wearing earring ok when your getting a x-ray from the dentists for your wisdom teeth?

I've had my teeth x-rayed many times, and they do ask you to take your earrings out. However, it only takes a couple minutes, so there's nothing to worry about. The procedure is super fast. You'll ... Read More »