What do you do when your teeth start to shift from loosing your retainer?

Answer Order a new one, my GF lost hers and didn't care. Well she now has braces for the Second time

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If I start wearing my retainer again, will my teeth move back?

I'm guessing not enough time has passed since you got your braces off so that your teeth have locked in enough. After 2 or 3 months there is a very good chance you won't even be able to get your re... Read More »

What are the chances of loosing feeling from getting your impacted wisdom teeth removed?

A significant percentage does experience varying degrees of permanent numbness. A friend of mine-- a classical flautist in the best music program in the country-- lost feeling in her lower lip when... Read More »

Is fever common in Children loosing their deciduous baby teeth?

No - this is an old wive's tale - teething does NOT cause fever. Teething will cause irritability, salivation, and looser stools, however.So, if your toddler has a rectal temperature > 100.4 F, the... Read More »

Bottom Teeth Retainer Help?

You should try using dental wax. The same wax you used for your braces should work, just make a ball and make sure that the wax goes into the ridges of your teeth so it doesn't just fall off.