What do you do when your sister asks you to cover from your parents?

Answer If you think your sister is at risk or in danger you should tell your parents and not cover for her. If it's something un-harmful you should

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How do you tell your parents your sister did something bad?

Don't get into the habit of being a tattle tail over everything your sister does. If she is doing drugs; sneaking out late at night or something that may hurt her then you tell your mother what is ... Read More »

How do you make you parents pay more attention to you than your sister?

This is a very hard situation to be in, as I know, you are obviously feeling very down and upset, it's sometimes hard to talk to you're parents about these things, so why not try to work really har... Read More »

If you catch your sister masturbating should you tell your parents about it?

Not at all. It is her right just like it is your right to masturbate should you choose. If possible don't let her know that you know either as she'll be humiliated and scared. Masturbation hurts no... Read More »

How can I explain to my parents that I really don't get along with my sister because she's so weird?

Your parents are well aware that you and your sister don't get along and it's called 'sibling rivalry.' It's common with two sisters or a brother and sister, but, as you grow older you will probabl... Read More »