What do you do when your parental rights have been terminated?

Answer You usually have a chance to appeal this decision, but once that appeal is final, there's no undoing the termination. Depending on the precise situation, you may still be able to have visitation w... Read More »

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How can you get custody of your son if your parental rights have been terminated and he has been adopted?

You can't. When the court terminated your rights it also barred you from any future claims so the child could be adopted and the placement would be permanent. Legally adopted children could not pos... Read More »

Can you regain custody or visitation rights once parental rights have been terminated in Virginia after child has been adopted?

Ideally both parents would sit down and talk but it looks like that won't happen so depending on the resolve of the fathers parents, the case could end up in the courts, there is no way to tell wha... Read More »

Your parental rights were terminated and your son was adopted do you still have to pay child support?

How do you get your child back after your rights have been terminated?

Realize there was a reason it happened, straighten up your life and be patient for the time to pass so they can see you really have improved your life. During this process... you need to have "bro... Read More »