What do you do when your internet service shuts down?

Answer I am glad you're OK, I was worried. This has happened to me, and I spent my time worrying, so I didn't get a life like I should have. Sometimes I make pucker shot dates, I worry that my if my comp... Read More »

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Does anyone know why my internet shuts down after dark?

That's weird. Does your modem work on solar-power?Better call your internet provider.

My wireless internet shuts on and off every minute sometimes (though only for 15 seconds or so) what is wrong?

If you have a another Wireless Access Point near you then it may be channel conflict.try to change the channel of your WAPHave a nice surfing :)

If the Government shuts down the Internet, you know for National security, how will we share ideas etc?

Does Dish Network offer internet service as a bundle with their television service?

Yes they do have a wide variety of packages, and that includes bundled services which will offer you a great discount compared to getting those services individually.