What do you do when your internet service shuts down?

Answer I am glad you're OK, I was worried. This has happened to me, and I spent my time worrying, so I didn't get a life like I should have. Sometimes I make pucker shot dates, I worry that my if my comp... Read More »

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What does it mean when a computer shuts down when plugging in the hard drive?

Under normal operation, a computer should not shut down when you plug in an external device. Conversely, a computer should never be powered on when you're attaching internal devices. A system crash... Read More »

Does anyone know why my internet shuts down after dark?

That's weird. Does your modem work on solar-power?Better call your internet provider.

If the Government shuts down the Internet, you know for National security, how will we share ideas etc?

When my son is using his computer it shuts down and starts up by it self, what causes this,?

I don't know but I thought I'd just add it happens to me too ..usually right in the middle of something extensive and I haven't had chance to save anything... it could be ... something overheating ... Read More »