What do you do when your constipated and have a real pain in your side?

Answer You can try doing an enema, available in the drug store. But you need to understand that this is a dangerous situation and you should go see a doctor right away if you can't clear it out immediately.

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What is it when you have lower back pain and a lump just to the right side of your butt crack?

Answer The lump is likely your tailbone, it is not uncommon for people to have an extra vertabrae or two in the base of their spinal column, which will make their tailbone protrude more than the av... Read More »

Is a pain in your stomach when you lie on your side a sign of pregnancy if you're nauseous light-headed and crampy with gas and sore itchy breasts and your period is a week late?

Answer Yes this can be a sign of pregnancy taking into consideration the symptoms you have mentioned above.

What causes pain in the right side of your upper back, and around your right side?

It sounds like you might have kidney stones. When I had pain like that I was worried about my liver, lungs,well there are so many things on that side it could have been. But it ended up being kidne... Read More »

What do you do when your constipated?

You can get it out within 15 minutes gas and bloat if you get one of those in red or white enema bag and then just put some Vaseline on the tip have some water on rrigate your bottom just hol... Read More »