What do you do when your brother tells you to put a lid on your arrogence?

Answer People who come across to others as arrogant or know-it-all don't end up with many friends because they tend to offend and make others mad by the way they talk. The best thing to do is to think abo... Read More »

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My brother lies a lot. Does that mean you should tell the truth when he tells a lie?

It is difficult at the best of times to express condolences to the bereaved when a loss is felt so greatly by so many. Words can only express the heart and mind of the person offering such a saluta... Read More »

My brother tells me to leave my computer on 24/7, I worry about the processor fan burning out. You can't see?

Your fan and processor will probably be fine. They are designed to run for incredible amounts of time. But you should shut down your computer when you're not using it at night anyways. If you ha... Read More »

Im 16 and I keep getting beat up by 12 year old brother I'm scared to death of him and hes made me his slave I do his homework give him money and what he tells me I say no he beats me up what do I do?

Talking to your parents about the situation while your brother is not around is the best solution, and then they can talk to your brother about it. I'm sure you'll find the reason behind why he is ... Read More »

What if your mother quit claimed her house to her self your brother and his wife under threats that your brother would leave your mom and not help her anymorebut your brother died and your sister in l?

If your great grandmother was his great aunt you and he are second cousins, once removed.